Poster Reveal + Interview: The Loft Cinema Series – ROCKY HORROR

We are proud to present the first in our poster series with The Loft Cinema is Joshua Budich’s Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Josh was on our radar right from the very beginning of Poster Collective’s history. I remember first seeing his Kill Bill and Life Aquatic prints and thinking to myself, “Damn, son! Those be some sweet prints!” and I don’t even talk like that. Ever. So needless to say, we are extremely happy to have partnered with him and we love the result. Hope you like it too.


Joshua Budich
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Edition of 100
4-Color Screen-Print (Printed by Grow Your Own Media)
#100lb Matte Paper
$30.00 + S/H ($7.50 – Shipping in cardboard poster tube/ poster rolled in craft paper, $15.00 International)

How to Purchase:
1. Available at The Loft Cinema at June 16th Midnight screening of film
2. Pre-order by calling The Loft Cinema @ 520-322-5638 ext. 0 (ask for Peggy Springer) or email “Springer     @” for more info
3. Pre-order posters will ship on June 16th

In addition, Joshua was kind enough to answer some questions for us about creating this poster. Check out what he had to say below:

1. Rocky Horror seems to be a polarizing film. Either people love it or don’t care for it. Which side of the line do you stand on? If you’re a fan, do you attend those crazy midnight showings, get dressed up and do the whole nine yards?

I have to admit… I was a “virgin” when it came to Rocky Horror, and hadn’t seen the entire movie all the way through up to when I watched it to design the poster. I know… awful, right. Have to say, I really enjoyed it. I can see now why super-fans would dedicate their lives to singing its praises. Tim Curry’s performance is absolute genius, and the over-the-top musical performances were just plain fun to watch. Rocky Horror doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I like that in a film.

2. How did you go about approaching the composition of this poster?

I wanted to include all the major players in the film, and order them in a way that made sense based upon their importance and relationships to each other. I also wanted to make sure that I captured the overall mood and aesthetic of the film, and include some Easter-egg-type references to the finer details.

3. If you had the opportunity to do another RHPS poster, how would it differ from this one?

I don’t know that I would do anything differently. Producing the print so soon after watching the film, and getting my initial gut-reaction to it, really helped to not “muddy the waters”, or over think it. The aesthetic quality of the film and its characters, was what I really latched on to.

4. How long did it take you to complete this poster (start to finish)? Did you come across any obstacles in the process?

Once I had perfect character-references, and a solid plan for the compositional layout of the print, it all flowed fairly effortlessly. I struggled a bit with finding the perfect way to include the very iconic RKO lightning and radio waves from their big performance at the end of the movie, but really, it all just fell nicely into place in the end. From start to finish, I probably spent about 3 solid days working on the poster.

5. You managed to squeeze in a lot of the characters….how did you decide who made it in to the poster? Do you have a favorite character?

I wanted to make sure to pay due homage to all the key characters in the poster, but also make sure that there was a built-in kind of symmetry to the composition that was based on their interactions and relationships with each other. Tim Curry is of course my fav. I loved him in Clue, and pretty much everything else he’s done, so it was only natural. He’s also brilliant in Rocky Horror, so it’s hard to argue with that!

And there you have it. Now go get yourself one of these amazing prints!

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