Sci-Fi Film Favorites Get Pulp Cover Make-Overs

There’s something inherently noir about space. It’s dark, ominous, and nearly everything is trying to kill you for something you didn’t do (–rude!). And what is science fiction without a dash of space and a pinch of noir? Answer: The Happening. ….*shudder*

Taking this noir notion and running with it, is Tim Anderson. With his latest side-project, he re-imagines some of the coolest sci-fi movies as pulp fiction. No—not “Royale with cheese” Pulp Fiction. The original pulp fiction…books. You know, the things made of trees and ink, packed with tales spun from endless nights, cartons of cigarettes and gallons of booze (or so the “real” writers would have you believe).

These posters feel as though they’re right off a 1950s dime store book rack. As with many a successful design, the magic is in the details. Here especially, that’s true (take a closer look a the publisher logos).

Tim graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2009 with a BFA in Illustration and has worked on various entertainment design projects for Paramount Pictures, video games and a few independent films. He is currently working as a concept designer for Electronic Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah. But the “sci-fi geek” in him (and a need to fill the walls of his cubicle at work with some rad poster art) inspired him to start this series.

“I started to find the amazing work being done today by so many talented artists, and it really inspired me to try it myself. I felt like it would be a great series of projects to push me into thinking more graphically. And I really miss the days of the illustrated movie poster.”

He sees this project as a fun way to pay homage to the artists, designers and film makers who have and continue to influence and inspire him. Though he’s only completed three so far, he reports 8-10 more sketches in the works. We certainly look forward to seeing this series grow. While you’re waiting for more pulp covers, be sure to head over to Tim’s site and check out his Star Wars and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly posters. Lucky for you, if you’re inspired to purchase, everything is available in his store (including the pulp series).

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