The Dude Designs Poster Reveal + Interview

Remember perusing the video store on a Friday night looking for something to watch? Back when the video store doubled as your own personal art gallery? Cult poster artist extraordinaire and horror film fiend The Dude Designs (Hobo With a Shotgun,The Inkeepers, They Live Blu-ray art) does and he’s paying homage to all things home video from the ’80s and early ’90s in this illustrated poster curated by Poster Collective. And naturally, he’s brought some icons of horror along for the ride as well.

We are absolutely honored here at Poster Collective to present The Dude’s FIRST EVER limited edition print available for sale to the human public (and/or all types of computer-trained dogs or monkeys.) The print will be available for sale on Friday, Oct 19th 2012 @ 10AM EST via Poster Collective at this link. The sale page will also include an in-depth interview with The Dude on his concept for this poster, VHS memories, video nasties in the UK and much more.

We’ve also teamed up with Keep A Breast (the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization) to whom we will donate $1 for each poster sold and an extra $50 if all the posters sell out. October is National Breast Cancer Prevention Month after all and some of the horror villains feel a little guilty for mutilating so many perfect pairs and, simply put, general malice towards women who bared their breasticles during each of their respective reign of terrors. So, consider this a little comeuppance for them and a good cause all around. Also, let’s face it: Everyone love boobies. Everyone.

Poster Details:

  • Available for sale on Friday, Oct 19th 2012 @ 10AM EST at this link
  • $45 USD + ONLY $3 shipping within the U.S.
  • 150 Print Edition (will never be printed again)
  • 18″ x 24″
  • Fine art Giclée printed on thick 430gsm textured paper
  • Each print will be hand-numbered
  • Posters will be rolled in craft paper, tissue and shipped in sturdy poster tubes
  • US poster orders will be shipped out in time for your Halloween needs
Below you’ll find an excerpt from our interview. Check out the rest of our in-depth interview with The Dude where he talks about his VHS memories, Video Nasties in the UK and much more at this link.

Poster Collective: Tell us about your concept for this poster. How did this idea come to be?

Tom: Well, when you approached me down that dark alley and first suggested a horror montage for Halloween, you instantly had me hooked… with the opportunity to create my first limited edition print which would celebrate Halloween and my love of classic horror!

I wanted to give the piece a visual concept to centre the design around, so I put my creative thinking/panic cap on and thought, “What did I love about horror films and Halloween.” I instantly hit on the idea of renting scary videos from the rental store for Halloween or any other night of the week and how much fun it was, something which I think every one of us Gen-Xers can relate to. So, I really wanted to celebrate that and have this piece as a love letter to the horror movie VHS (and Betamax!) down at your local video rental shop.

Growing up in a time without things like the internet, access was limited to film releases and information about classic films, you didn’t know what was what really, so it was a case to grab it and see, a journey of great discovery, with the fantastic cover art being your only guide. Roaming along the video shelves, uncovering films like Friday the 13th and Childs Play for the first time! I remember picking up an old copy of Return of the Living Dead for the first time in one store then later on finding part two in another thinking, “wow they made a sequel” I just didn’t know!!!

I approached the design as if it was a sort of Video Store-esque advert/poster but done in a way to celebrate the memory, hence the tag line which is a play on the original Halloween ‘The Night He Came Home.’ The night they all came home from your local video store…

Creating a horror montage ad to promote VHS (and Betamax!) rental I had to go with (maybe the) only opportunity I’m going to get combine the classic 80’s dream team on one poster. It was the perfect excuse (now there may be some things about the lack of Leather Face but coming from the UK Texas Chainsaw was banned so the series wasn’t widely available and consequently not on my personal radar as a young boy, until I saw it later on, fantastic flick!).

These are the big characters of the ’80s slasher genre which although started off serious all went sort of fun almost cheese ball in the later sequels. Michael, Freddy, Jason and Chucky. I’m a big Chucky fan!

I then wanted to wrap the design up in some true home video ’80s VHS advert styling and introduced the use of vector graphics, because NOTHING says the future of home entertainment technology than vector graphics!

The title ‘Video Nasty’ refers to a controversial UK phrase and I guess it’s the British equivalent of the American Grindhouse movement. So, it perfectly sums up the genre and year. Also, it means a lot to me as big VHS (and Betamax!) fan and collector.




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