Top 10 Studio Posters of 2012



#12 – The Words

I like words. Who doesn’t? Ya know what I also like? Typography-based posters. Wonderful example of that style. Kudos.


#11 – The Paperboy

It’s got a ’70s vibe and that’s pretty much all it takes these days to elevate a poster from boringhood. Love the subtle peach (or pinks) and the simple old style title font.


#10 The Hobbit

A creepy ass Gollum embedded into some old timey scroll paper all written in gibberish? Ok, maybe it’s not gibberish but this foreign IMAX poster is pretty darn sweet.


#9 – Ted

This poster was plastered and stuck all over L.A. for weeks and weeks. To which I can say that it’s a good thing there are no children living in this city otherwise their parents might have had a hard time explaining this concept. Seth MacFarlane gets another win against decency. Bravo.


#8 – The Campaign

This is the funniest fucking thing ever. I thought about getting this poster, blown up to about 8 foot by 6 foot and making it the centerpiece of my apartment. So great. So funny. It does exactly what I want a poster to do, which is make me spit up some sorta dribble on myself. PS. This movie is surprisingly good, don’t believe the critics.



#7 – Frankenweenie

The first posters for this film were pretty bland as if Disney was simply saying, “It’s Tim Burton and a property you are all familiar with, just go see it.” To which I responded with far off look of sadness. Then they slapped some wonderful ’50s style B-movie fonts and made fake movie posters out of key characters and just like that my frown was turned around. And as a double bonus, like all good posters, they mean even more after you see the film.


#6 Casa De Mi Padre

What’s not to love about this classic poster featuring Will Ferrell in his first all Spanish language film? I love the nod to the Mexican flag (eagle/snake) and the tagline is pretty solid too (“Funniest movie you’ll ever read”). It would be right at place a Gone with the Wind poster….from a distance anyway.


#5 The Amazing Spiderman

If you were to argue this was the best poster of the year I wouldn’t try to fight you. I might challenge you to a arm wrestling contest or some Roshambo, but certainly not a full on fight. This poster is just a shade under 5000% better than the movie. Just wow.


#4 – The American Scream

Johnny Sampson’s poster is just fantastic. The kind of print that allows your eyes to wander in amazement at the level of detail and meticulous care put into the piece of art. It’s one I am going to have to own, especially post viewing the movie and realizing that almost everything you see in the poster is actually in the film.


#3 V/H/S

Another one that is tough not to love. It sells the this scary anthology perfectly and brings back a major case of nostalgia for us VHS lovers. Super concept + Super execution = Super poster.


#2 – Prometheus

This one isn’t much different than the original poster (just the IMAX version), but it packs a few more “Oh Shit” and “WTF” moments for us to ponder in the mysterious canisters, not to mention the look on space scientist woman’s face. I hadn’t been this excited for a movie in since forever.


#1 The Master

Because God Damn! Just look at it. This is arguably one of the best posters of the last 25 years, let alone 2012.



#10 – Nurse

Nothing like a little nip to catch the public eye eh? When this poster came out I remember the buzz it caused and how quickly people shared it with each other. Raised eyebrows and titilation (get it?) go a long way in the advertising world. The retro 70s vibe is just icing on the cake.

#9 - Haywire

#9 – Haywire

Neil Kellerhouse continues to make movie posters that are unique unto himself. His style simultaneously feels retro and modern breathing new life into the mainstream movie poster world. More please!


#8 – The Amazing Spider-Man

This poster does everything a great teaser is supposed to do. It’s iconic, mysterious and tells you everything you need to know without really telling you anything at all. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t agree this is a sweet poster.


#7 – The Cabin In The Woods

Much like the previous poster, this is another perfect example of why “concept is king.” Unlike many of the subsequent international and fan posters that emerged after this, it reveals nothing specific about what makes this particular cabin in the woods unique but rather uses an object we’re all familiar with to intrigue and invite us to watch and find out. Those who do won’t be disappointed.


#6 - Magic Mike

#6 – Magic Mike

It would be un-American and frankly a discrace to females and our gay brethren worldwide if I didn’t include a poster for “the Citizen Kane of stripper movies” which features glistening abs perched atop an American flag banana hammock.

#5 - Mondo One-offs

#5 – Mondo One-offs

Okay, okay, I know this is kind of cheating, sticking a handful of posters into one slot but I think you’ll agree that Mondo deserves recognition for all their work to bring us collectible one-off posters for some of this year’s mainstream films. It’s a very promising sign to see the studios recognizing the popularity of illustrated and “artsy” posters. Couldn’t be happier to see these talented artists and designers achieving this type of success.


#4 - Brave

#4 – Brave

I love posters with easter eggs in them. You know, the ones that you look at again a few months (or sometimes years even) later and finally notice a hidden image worked into it. This is one of the things that makes me love this poster but also the sheer richness and vibrance of the colors not to mention the beautiful detail. This film is visually spectacular and I’m happy the print campaign does it justice.


#3 – Renoir

I like to think I’m largely immune to sappy romantic nonsense but damn it all, if this poster doesn’t make me want to frolic in a sunbeam flooded meadow with a handsome lad. I love the subtle technique the designer used to make this feel like a Renoir painting. It’s simple but effective and the colors are gorgeous.

#2 - Capsule

#2 – Capsule

In a world full of posters that try to fit everything and the kitchen sink in there, the most simple and clean posters tend to stand out. This poster is eye catching for that reason plus the fact that it’s an intriguing visual, PLUS the fact that it’s painted, PLUS the fact that the typography is so flockin cool. PLUS the fact that it’s got that whole Polish poster vibe. Need I say more?


#1 – Moonrise Kingdom

When you can put that much type in a poster and not royally mess it up, it is a feat deserving of the highest recognition in its own right. When you’ve got an image that perfectly captures the highly stylized aesthetic of a Wes Anderson creation beneath it, you’ve got PURE GOLD.

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  • Colin “Fitz” Biggs

    Great picks. I was a big fan of Haywire’s poster.