The Marvel Cinematic Universe: A Poster Tour (So Far)

I think it’s safe to say that Kevin Feige’s (the man behind the Marvel shared movie universe) vision has taken comic book movie worlds to a new and supremely cool status. Going to the movies these days is a literal geek heaven and it’s thanks to things like the Marvel universe and its intertwined-ness that make it so. The fact that the comic book fans from the ’80s have grown up and are now in charge doesn’t hurt either. Basically, nerds rule. Just check the box office for proof (4 billion gross for the Marvel movies and counting).

After watching Iron Man 3 earlier this week and loving it (and really loving its connection to the prior movies, especially The Avengers references) I decided to put together the poster history for the Marvel movies so far. Because why not? It may not be all the posters, but it’s certainly A LOT of them. I’ve also included some boutique, gallery show, key art, DVD/Blu-Ray covers, foreign, custom art, and magazine versions for fun as well.

Once compiled it was interesting to look at all the campaigns on one page to see the similarities and differences. It also made me think of something Steven Soderbergh recently said:

“…if you’ve ever wondered why every poster and every trailer and every TV spot looks exactly the same, it’s because of testing. It’s because anything interesting scores poorly and gets kicked out.

Now I’ve tried to argue that the methodology of this testing doesn’t work. If you take a poster or a trailer and you show it to somebody in isolation, that’s not really an accurate reflection of whether it’s working because we don’t see them in isolation, we see them in groups. We see a trailer in the middle of five other trailers, we see a poster in the middle of eight other posters, and I’ve tried to argue that maybe the thing that’s making it distinctive and score poorly actually would stick out if you presented it to these people the way the real world presents it. And I’ve never won that argument.”

Not that I don’t like a lot of these theatrical posters, but there is truth in that quote. When I take a look at this post my eyes gravitate towards the more interesting and unique one-off posters. Moral of the story: It’d be nice if the studios took a few more chances in the ole marketing department. It’d just make everything that much more amazing.

Here it is, the “Marvel Cinematic Universe Poster Collection.” Enjoy.

Iron Man (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Thor (2011)


Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

 Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

Iron Man 3


Thor: The Dark World (2014)

Coming soon(ish):

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 
Guardians of the Galaxy 
Avengers 2
Ant-Man (?)
Doctor Strange (?)




Image Sources: Imp Awards, Slash FilmMovie Poster DB, Gallery 1988, Mondo

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  • Aaron Hager

    Is there a reason we don’t have Marvel based movies pre Iron Man on this list? Would love to see the FULL collection.

  • Statlaw

    The posters for the films this year were far better than previous posters.