Hollywood Horror Icons Poster Timed Edition

We are proud to present a special poster celebrating the scariest, the deadliest and the most influential horror icons in Hollywood history. This limited edition print was originally hand drawn with pencil by illustrator Ted Bracewell.  The image has been professionally transferred and will be printed as a museum grade fine art giclée. This poster will be sold as a timed edition (details below) to allow all the horror fiends out there the opportunity to snag one of these must have posters. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!


Sale and Shipping Details:

The poster will be on sale for 2 full weeks starting at sale at 12:01AM PST on Tuesday, October 1st and the sale will be open until 12:01AM on Tuesday, October 15th.

Purchase as many as your horror loving heart desires. No limits. You will have a full 2 weeks to purchase. The edition size will be determined by how many are sold in that amount of time. After that, the edition will be closed, printed and never reprinted again. We will let everyone know what the final edition is via Facebook and Twitter after the sale finalizes.

A lot of you would like to have the poster prior to Halloween so we’ve partnered with our printer to ensure we can begin shipping as early as Friday, October 19th. That may not work for all of our foreign customers, but US orders will be there in plenty of time to enjoy during Halloween month.

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Ted Bracewell  18"x24"  Hand Signed and #'d  Fine Art  Giclée (Museum Quality)  $25  TIMED EDITION - On Sale from Sept 30th - Oct 14th ONLY!  Shipment week of Oct 21st

Ted Bracewell
Hand Signed and #’d
Fine Art Giclée (Museum Quality)
TIMED EDITION – On Sale from Oct 1st – Oct 15th ONLY!



Interview with the artist:


Ted Picture


1. Let’s talk about the making of the poster. How did you go about approaching the composition of an insane poster like this one? Especially considering this was originally created with a PENCIL! 

Being a massive horror fan I was looking for a poster that featured all of the classic characters in the genre together in one piece. I checked everywhere, stores, online, but couldn’t find one, so I ultimately decided to just draw one for myself. I started by filling in the corners, Nosferatu and Bela at the top, Frankenstein’s Monster at the bottom, and honestly made it up as I went along from there, working from the bottom up, just placing characters where they best fit in my mind.

2. How did you choose the characters and their relative importance within the piece?

I felt it was important to have Bela Lugosi be the most prominent for obvious reasons, as well as Boris Karlof and Lon Chaney Jr. since they really started it all. Freddy and Jason are the two biggest guys these days, so I made sure they were dead center. I wanted to have as many people as I could fit in, yet still manage to keep it from appearing overly cluttered, so characters were chosen based on how recognizable they were. If I could go back I’d love to squeeze in Annie Wilkes, Cujo or even some newer maniacs like Jigsaw or Captain Spaulding.

3. Do you have a favorite villain?

Absolutely. Michael Myers. John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is not only my favorite horror film, but my favorite film in any genre. To me he’s far more terrifying than Jason or Freddy, both of whom have become satires of themselves throughout the years. Even when the “Halloween” series was at its lowest and Michael Myers was getting his butt kicked by Busta “Trick or Treat Motherfucker” Rhymes, the character always managed to remain dark and humorless. Of all the great horror maniacs, Michael Myers is also the only one with nemeses to match him, be it Laurie Strode, Dr. Loomis, Jamie Lloyd… or I guess eh… even Busta Rhymes. Without a hero there can be no villain.

4. Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Not good at describing myself. That’s 5 words, right?

5. How long have you been a designer / illustrator and what made you want to be one?

I’ve always been able to draw well. I can remember taking a “Star Wars” book to my preschool and letting the other kids choose a picture they liked from it and I would draw it for them. I think what makes me want to be an artist is not so much that I can do it, but that it’s rewarding when the work is done and you see something you imagined come into existence. Like this horror montage drawing.

6. Who are some of your favorite artists/illustrators and why?

I think if you’re an illustrator you have to admire Drew Struzan just due to the massive amount of classic posters he’s created. Recently I’ve come across a guy named Christopher Lovell who does incredible horror art that is regularly blowing my mind. Look him up! http://christopherlovell.com/

7. What’s the worst (non-design related) job you’ve ever had?

When I was 18 I worked at a grocery store in reclaim. Reclaim is when you take all of the expired and outdated food off of the shelves, open it up, dump it out and send the UPC bar code back to the distributor for a refund. I was the one put in charge of it because it meant I didn’t have to deal with obnoxious customers, and also because I was the only employee with the stomach to handle expired, rotten, smelly food!

8. What are some of your favorite horror movie posters of all time?

The “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” parody of “The Breakfast Club” is definitely one. I’ve always loved the simple image from “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” showing the 3 costumed kids walking against the setting sun. It just feels like fall. “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors” is one of the big ones from my youth with the kids walking down Freddy’s blades ready for battle. If you look in the bottom right corner of the horror montage drawing you’ll see another one of my favorites, but then, isn’t it one of everybody’s?


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